"Keep walking!"

Greetings from Rome,

While on our 12 day excursion through Europe, we had the splendid opportunity to visit Rome. The three days we spent there were trully wonderful, but the third and last full day was the best. The date for this great day was May 11, 2011. We started the day out with our bus not even showing up to take us to the Vatican City, so we made a quick mile walk to Rome's underground public transportation while our tour guide berated the bus company. If I might add, the berating was a funny sight to see.

We finally arrived at the Vatican City where we took a lovely three hour tour of the art museum there as well as touring Saint Peter's Basilica and the Cysteine Chapel. Our tour guide was very infomative about all the history the Vatican has as well as explaining most of the art.

Next, my class mates and I had the opportunity to view Rome from one of the higher hills in the city. While exploring the area, I took a nasty spill on the sidewalk which hurt my wrist but most of all my pride. Another interesting part of this area were the people. I will just leave it at that because it gets pretty weird. Finally, we ended the night eating a nice Italian 4 course meal and gelato.

Dalton Bohan
Class of 2011