A Reflection on London

While we are currently in Paris, I'm still reflecting on our time in London.

As I review my journals and look at my souvenirs, I'm reminded of all the exciting and new experiences I've had in the last four days. And it's only been four days!!

We've been so busy over the last few days that it was nearly impossible to find the time to blog about our time in Europe. That being said, I'd like to share my favorite parts of each of our days in London.

Day 1: We had the opportunity to go on quick tour of the London highlights, and I think my most favorite part of the day was our final stop. After a lovely dinner at a restaurant called "The Albert," our group made a trip to Westminster Abbey. We were not able to go inside, due to the time of day we stopped by, but we were able to see where the Royal Wedding took place! It was amazing to stand where the newest member of the Royal Family showed off her beautiful wedding dress, and where their carriage left the Abbey to head back to Buckingham Palace.

Day 2: My favorite part of our second day in London happened during our free time in the afternoon. After my small group took the London Eye (a massive enclosed ferris wheel), we were headed back to Big Ben, when Kalyn Hull and I spotted a hospital in the area. We were excited to see a potential future employer (as we are both nursing students), but we were even more excited to see the sign for the Florence Nightingale Museum. We, of course, stopped by, and even picked up a few souvenirs!

Day 3: Our third day proved to be just as exciting. I was incredibly looking forward to our tour of the future sites of the 2012 Olympics. While everything was still in progress, it was interesting to see what was already built, and to take pictures of what we will be able to see on TV in just over a year. While the Olympic tour was fascinating, my favorite part of the day was seeing Wicked. Having never seen the production in the United States, I had no idea of what to expect. To put it simply: I was blown away. It was, by far, the most impressive professional production I have ever seen!

Well, now we're in Paris, so we'll have a lot more to talk about - in another language! Sending love to everyone at home!

Susannah Mohaupt