Bitter Sweet Goodbyes

Goodbye, Au Revoir, Caio....
Saying goodbye to three amazing cities was so bittersweet!!! I cannot believe how much I loved being overseas and how different it is from the US. I am so happy to be back home, but I already miss the fun and exciting sights and sounds, smells not so much, that London, Paris and Rome offered.
London was by far my favorite city to visit, probably because it was closest to home. Even still there were some differences to become acquainted with like using Pounds versus Dollars and even ordering your food "take away" versus "to-go". I learned that phrase the hard way in a little cafe in the outskirts of London when the cashier looked at me strange....Thank goodness our tour guide Richard was there to help me change phrases. My favorite part of the visit in London was having lunch at a little pub off the main street. I ate fish and chips, talked with locals, and just enjoyed the afternoon soaking in the moments. I can honestly say I felt at home there and would love to live there someday.
Paris pulled up second on my list...only because it was a little less appealing to me. I loved the beautiful architecture and history of the city, but it was just a little less "comfy" than London. I was awe struck when we were on top of the Eiffel Tower and in front of the Mona Lisa, again moments I will never forget. Another favorite moment was driving around the Arc de Triomphe and seeing how crazy the drivers were. There was no sense of order in the direction of traffic and it was almost a "dog-eat-god" world. It takes a skilled person to be able to handle driving in THAT traffic.
And finally Rome...Oh Rome....What interesting sights and smells we had there also. Some of the locals put on quite a show for our group our last day. Even Richard was a little taken aback at what we experienced. On the flip side there were BEAUTIFUL sights to see all over the city. The Trevi Fountain was one of my absolute favorites! We ate lunch there one day and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fountain. "Sit and do nothing" was one of my favorite past times on this trip! :) In all seriousness though, I think that was why I was able to enjoy each city so much. I definitely learned more about the culture this way.

Now that I'm back in the states, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have ICE in my drinks, the fact that my water/etc is COLD, and I can have FREE refills!!!! Never EVER forget how lucky you are to have those simple things here in America. I certainly learned what I take for granted from this trip.

Goodbye, Au Revoir, Caio!!!
Sarah O'Laughlin