When In Rome

Ciao C-SC!

So now that we are officially back and getting settled into our normal routine at C-SC I am going to take this time to travel back a couple of days and tell you about my AMAZING experience that I had in Rome!!!

The first day in Rome was the absolute highlight of the trip for me. After taking a 14 hour overnight train ride through the country sides of France, Switzerland, and Italy we finally arrived in Rome and wasted not time immersing ourselves in the culture. I enjoyed authentic Italian Pizza for lunch and it was everything and more then what I expected it to be. After lunch we took a bus and traveled to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World the Colosseum! Let me tell you pictures and books do no justice to this magnificent amphitheatre! Walking through it and taking it all in was incredible! This amphitheatre is the largest in Rome and was built in 70 AD! Its story is amazing. It hosted shows, animal fights, and executions and is still standing proud and tall after all this time. I touched and saw and took in apart of history that day and it is a memory that I will have for a lifetime!

After getting a tour of the Colosseum we visited the Roman Forum. This place was incredible as well. We got to see the remains of Rome, its churches, political buildings, and theatres. Rome has such a rich history and visiting both the Roman Colosseum and Forum you couldn't help but think that just having these two places standing there today is a magnificent feat in itself.

Then we got the opportunity to visit the Trevi Fountain!The story to the Trevi Fountain is that if you wish you visit Rome again you throw one coin over your left shoulder with your eyes closed, and if you wish to find love you throw two! This was really fun to see all the different types of people from all around the world going to the fountain and making a wish and throwing a coin in. I threw two coins in and I'll keep you posted how my luck turns out but after experiencing just one day in Rome I can tell you I am a believer that I will return again some day!

To end our first eventful day in Rome we enjoyed some more authentic Italian food. We had a 4 course meal at a nice restaurant where we enjoyed bruschetta, pasta, chicken and salad, and dessert! Italians love to eat and meal time and I have to say I appreciated it.

Rome was everything and more then what I could of ever expected. I saw pieces of history and experienced a different culture which I fell in love with. Even though I am very happy to be back home, I can't wait to get another opportunity to go back and visit the Rome!!!


Lauren Eloff