Final Day in Rome

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay on a post. On May 10, 2011 we went and visited the Vatican City, which included St.Peters Square, St. Peters Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

To start off the day we were suppose to meet the bus at 8A.M., time had passed and no bus it turns out that on its way to pick us up it broke down. We hiked it to the train station and finally made it to the Vatican City! It was an experience, it is good to learn to travel by various ways of transportation.

Being Catholic and doing my group presentation in the beginning of the 3-week this was the most looked forward day of the whole trip. Having the chance to visit the Vatican City was an experience that I will never forget. Our audio tour guide was good on explaining the paintings and sculptural's, speak good English.

When entering into the Sistine Chapel no photos were allowed, the flash and no flashes even cause damage to the paintings. As I entered into the walkway I was amazed and became overwhelmed and could not believe that I was actually their in the Sistine Chapel, you could say that I felt like a little kid again lost in a Toys R' Us store.

Last part of the tour was to the St. Peters Basilica two words to describe it, AMAZINGLY HUGE. To have this chance of being able to tour the Basilica and learn more in person is something I will never forget. As we were being tour around, in one of the side chapels mass was in process.

The whole tour lasted about three hours but left me with memories and pictures that will last me a lifetime.

Elizabeth Stratman, Junior