Great to be home!

Hello from the U.S.! It's great to be home, but I am little sad to say that our excursion through Europe is over. The people, food, and entertainment will always be a memory I will have. Rome, Italy was by far my favorite out of the three countrys we visited. The history, and beautiful scenery, mixed with the surrounding people made the three days we had there so much fun. The Colosseum, Forums of Rome, Fountain of Trevi, and the Vatican City, which included The Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica are amoung the beautiful buildings of Roma that we had the chance to see. It was amazing to think that these buildings were built years ago and we have the chance to view them today. The architectural abilty of our ancestors is just amazing.
I would love to thank my professors, Dr. Janney and Dr. Gaither, for putting this trip together and giving me a chance to leave the boundries of the United States of America and view the world through new eyes. Also, a thank you to Richard, our tour guide, who helped make this trip eventful, and entertaining to say the least.

~Katherine Reddick
Class of 2012