Settling In!

Well, we have been home for a couple of days now and I think we are all just now getting back in the swing of things. I wanted to blog about Rome, but as we didn't have internet access in Italy, I didn't have the opportunity until now!

Italy was so far from what I expected. On the first day we had the opportunity to see the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, which were both breathtaking. I never expected the landscape surrounding the ruins to be so beautiful. Life in Italy was much different than in France or England, as everyone was more laid-back and had a very different perspective on life. Our business visit to Il Tempo was on the second day. It was fascinating to see how the newspaper operation works in another country. After the business visit we were able to split off into groups to see different sites of interest and were forced to fend for ourselves in terms of transportation and adaptation to the city in general.

One of my learning objectives for this trip was to do just that (learn to fend for myself in a foreign country), so that if I ever were to travel overseas for business in my career I would feel more comfortable doing so. Having the opportunity to do that was definitely a learning experience and helped me accomplish one of my biggest objectives.

We spent our last day as a group and had the chance to take in the culture in Italy by visiting areas that locals frequent, not just tourists. It was fascinating to see the difference in our lifestyles. I had an outstanding time and learned so much during our studies and am so grateful for all those that contributed to this study abroad experience!

Kelsey Camp
Class of '11