Traveling Through London

Hey everybody! So I thought I would just recap on some of the highlights of our journeys through London our past few days. The first day or two we did a lot of sight seeing, such as going to Covent Gardens, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square. They were all really great places with a lot of things to see and do. I must say, though, that the drivers here are crazy. Pedestrians don't get any rights, you just need to obey the cross walk signs or you will get hit most likely. We used what Londoners call "The Tube" (the subway for us) for our mode of transportation for the majority of the time and it's actually kind of fun and really easy to maneuver around on. We also went on an Olympic Tour where we learned how one of the reasons London was allowed to host the Olympics again, is that they talked how it was going to bring in about 30,000 new jobs for people. One of the highlights was seeing Wicked in London. I actually saw the show in Chicago a few years ago, but it was so much better here. Everything was flawless. Another favorite moment though, was when a couple of us went out to listen to some London folk music. It really gave you a true sense of the city, as if you were actually a person who lived in London. So that was a quick brief on our past days in London and more to come of our travels in Paris!