Bonjour Culver and Friends and Family

Bonjour everyone!
Today is the second day in Paris and we are loving it! Despite the slight sunburn I received today it was great. We began the day by taking a guided tour around Paris through some absolutely crazy traffic. We saw many sites including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. These two are among my three favorite things in Europe so far. The tower is absolutely breathtaking as is the inside and outside of the cathedral. The architecture and stained glass is amazing. After our time at and around the cathedral we headed back to the Eiffel Tower to go up to the top. Let's just say it was a bit high for me, but I made it. The view was stunning and you could see how big Paris really is; definitely a change from Canton, Missouri. After the trip up the tower we had dinner at a restaurant near our metro station. I had an excellent omellete. We are now relaxing and preparing for bed as we have a business visit to attend in the morning. Hope everyone back home is enjoying their weather, I sure am enjoying mine!

Julianna Gillam