Yes, we parlez vous inglais

Bonjour from Paris, where our group has now been for two days.

We're right in the middle of our trip and we're definitely starting to wear out. Our feet have blisters and our ankles are swollen, but we are pressing on. Today was a fairly low-key day but did not lack excitement. We began this morning with a delightful array of pastries in the hotel and boarded the bus around 8:30. We took a bus tour of London with a tour guide named Valerie, and got the chance to see so many different sites. The traffic here is CRAZY and there are points where there are not lines on the road, leading to cars facing all different directions! A tiny bit scary for us!

After that, we got to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral which was absolutely breathtaking and stunning. Hundreds of years of history and culture packed into the stone of that building just leaves you speechless. After that, we traveled to the Eiffel Tower and even further up to the clouds to reach the tip top! It was intimidating and a lot of us got nervous in the elevator on the way up! WE SURVIVED! We decided to take it easy tonight as we have some business visits tomorrow. I am excited to meet with the company to learn more about the nitty gritty of European business models!

I'm sure you will be hearing from someone else on the group soon!!

Jordan Cannon '11